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The Radio uses the sonar of the submarine to detect and highlight obstacles and enemies in the surrounding areas. Due to the low amount of light available, and the limited availability of flare torpedoes, the Radio must provide most of the scouting for the crew.

The Radio can

* Use a sonar to detect entities
* Follow the movements of detected entities
* Mark detected items on the map for the other members of the submarine crew
* Switch headlamps on and off
* Receive radio communications
* Ask permission to dock
* Check noise levels
* Zoom in and out on the map

Controls Edit

Keyboard Edit

  • Highlight an item: Left mouse button
  • Zoom: Mouse scroll

Controller Edit


Gameplay Edit

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Tips Edit

  • The Radio can highlight an enemy to reveal its weaknesses allowing the Gunner to select the most effective weapon.
  • Zooming out and scanning ahead of your current position can help increase clear speed.
  • The Radio should consistently communicate, to the Pilot, where they have and have not scanned so that the Pilot knows whether or not the areas are safe to traverse.