Gunner Edit

Using the machine gun and torpedoes of the submarine the Gunner defends the submarine from foes, human or otherwise, destroys debris, and provides illumination with flares.

Controls Edit

Keyboard Edit

  • Aim at a target: Mouse
  • Load the torpedo tube mechanism: 1 2 3 4 5 depending on the torpedo to be loaded
  • Launch right torpedo: Right mouse button
  • Launch left torpedo: Left mouse button
  • Fire machine gun: Left mouse button

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Gameplay Edit

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Tips Edit

  • The machine gun has unlimited ammunition, using it liberally is a good way to save precious torpedoes.
  • The submarine has a limited number of torpedoes, so it is best to coordinate with the Pilot to fire perfect shots at enemies.
  • Torpedoes have an explosion radius, so be careful firing them at nearby objects/enemies--they will damage your submarine if you are too close!
  • Utilize the machine gun on weaker faster moving enemies, as torpedoes travel through the water slowly.